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RAPTOR, Meler’s applicator solution, was developed to boost your production capacity, the specialist in improving performance and simplifying your industrial adhesive application processes.


All science has some magic in it and that magic is found in the way we do things, in the way we stand by your side to offer you the best products and the best talent to help you in your business challenges.

A Tirelessly Dreaming team.

We look for and find solutions where no one else has found them, never stopping in our efforts to build the best with you. Always thinking about the next step so you can discover new ways to push what matters to you.

Always Humanly Empathetic.

Walking beside you, we care about what matters to you. We listen to you and take care of all your concerns, understanding that we are people working with people, that your success is our success.

With a Responsibly Courageous attitude.

We are not afraid of challenges, we face them with the firm conviction that we can overcome them, thanks to our experience we know the paths we can walk together and those we cannot.

With Sophisticatedly Ingenious Solutions.

Because sometimes the most innovative solution is not the most complex, because we are able to provide creative solutions that take care of the smallest detail so that everything works as it should.

And of course, all magic should have some science in it. That’s why we work to ensure that our products and solutions meet your challenges in the best possible way.